Physical Therapy

Whether you have sustained an injury or battling the effects of arthritis, Physical Therapy can get you back on track. If you are coming back from a surgery, Physical Therapy is proven to shorten recovery time as well as improve the long term outcomes of surgery.

Together, we can help.

Weight Loss

Our research driven weight loss program is not designed to help you lose weight quickly. It is designed to help you lose weight permanently and there is a very big difference.

Understanding how your body responds to exercise and nutrition choices is the foundation of our program. Helping you with strategies that are sustainable is the cornerstone of our success.

We begin with through evaluations of your metabolism, physiology and your past/current mental state to formulate a plan specific to each patient that produces predictable and permanent health outcomes.

Helping patients lose weight ultimately helps with diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, depression etc. Lose weight and feel better with 3PT!

Together, we can help.

Worker’s Comp / Work Conditioning

If you were injured at work, 3PT is here to help. Our experienced clinical staff will guide you through the process, from the initial evaluation through returning to work. Our goal is to help you get back to work as quickly and safely as possible. Through constant communication with patients, physicians, employers and case managers, we gain a true understanding of your functional requirements and establish an individualized plan of care to meet those goals.

Our expert staff will triage the workers comp patient through the continuum of care. From acute physical therapy, transition to work conditioning, and finalizing with the internationally recognized KEY system of functional capacity assessment and a safe return to work. Frequently, with a work injury people gain weight. Our proven weight loss program as an adjunct to our work conditioning program is a holistic way to improve your health if you are injured at work.

Together, we can help.

Industrial Services Provided:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)
  • Work Conditioning
  • Pre-employment screenings
  • Healthy Worker Audits
  • Return to work assessment following Medical/Family leave

Behavioral Medicine – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

From time to time, we all need help. In the past, there has been a stigma with mental health / behavioral medicine. In today’s world, that stigma has faded and people are finally receiving the help that they deserve.

It is proven that stress and anxiety disorders can lead to many other health problems.

3PT Behavioral Medicine clinicians are all Licensed Clinical Social Workers. We can help with issues that manifest through family, financial, career, relationship, religious, substance abuse, food, sexual orientation, and many other challenges.

Together, we can help.

Nutrition Counseling

Human nutrition and dietetics can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Some people don’t know what to eat. Some don’t know how to cook. Others travel frequently for work. Many people don’t know when to eat or eat in response to stress. Many overweight people are living with undiagnosed eating disorders.

Our Dietitians will evaluate your metabolism so we are not guessing with our recommendations.

3PT nutrition is about finding out who you are and how your body responds to certain types and amounts of food and making recommendations that are sustainable for each and every patient. Tools and knowledge are the key components to change. With so much misinformation out there, expert help is needed. We do not sell pre packaged food or supplements, instead we teach you how to find and create what will work for you, your metabolism, and your life.

Together, we can help.